Working with Mary Jane

Mary Jane is not currently taking on any new clients.
You can see what else she is up to here though and you may be able to join in with one of her trainings or talks.

Session Length

Most regularly scheduled sessions, including the first session, are booked for 90 minutes in duration.  Although this may seem long and differ from standard 50-60 minute sessions, these 90 minutes pass quickly. Using the tools in my practice, this time has proven to be more comprehensive and effective than an hour.

There may be times when 60 minutes is more appropriate, according to individual needs and health priorities. Therefore, occasionally a shorter session is scheduled.  However, a new client typically begins with 90-minute sessions in order to optimise their experience and desired outcomes.

Duration of Treatment

With the approach I take and the tools I use, the duration of treatment does vary, based on a number of individual factors. If you’re unsure about what is suitable for you, book your free discovery call, so we can establish what’s appropriate for your needs at this time.

Session Frequency

Typically clients have a 90-minute session every week or every other week. Contact me for more specific information about frequency, which may be appropriate for your particular concern(s).

Remember…working through your health and wellness aspirations every other week (or twice a month) is more effective than not working on them at all.

Your Investment in Your Health & Wellness

90 Minute Sessions

    • Mary Jane is not currently taking on any new clients.

NB: All bookings (excluding discovery calls) require the completion of a confidential client intake form. After you’ve booked, I will email this to you.

Invest In Yourself

It is a new and sometimes challenging concept for some people to invest time and money on themselves.  If you’re struggling with the decision to commit and invest time and money into the journey of transforming your health, wellness and living a life you love, I invite you to book a free discovery phone or Skype/Zoom consultation, to see how working with me could support you and your health aspirations.


Please note: I am not a medical doctor. I do not diagnose or prescribe pharmaceutical medication and I cannot advise on medication that is prescribed by your GP or the hospital. The tools, techniques and knowledge I offer, are done so as part of a greater whole, as a health and wellness performance coach, which when combined with your medical doctor’s diagnosis, offer you the opportunity to take greater responsibility for your own health and wellness aspirations.