Nutrition & Lifestyle

Many illnesses, diseases and ailments are compounded by what is described as toxic overload in health treatment clinics and practices, which have a more integrated and holistic approach to health and wellbeing. This is contributed to by an unbalanced diet and the use of potentially harmful chemicals in one form or another in our everyday environment.

Nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices are indispensable in any choices designed to improve your overall health and wellbeing. Our food is not as it used to be because the soil we grow our food in has become deficient in so many vital nutrients, not least because of the chemicals and methods used in massive commercial farming. For example, some fifty or more years ago spinach contained approx 158 mgs of iron to every 100 grams of spinach. These days the average iron content is below one mg for the equivalent amount of spinach. Comparable statistics can be found easily on the internet with a simple glance at the research.

The inevitable result of this scarcity of vitamins and minerals means that we can often be nutritionally deficient unless we take a more responsible approach to what we’re consuming. And for some individuals, case by case, it may even be beneficial to supplement your diets, to support you to regain balance again. This is not an approach I suggest to everyone, nor suggest lightly either, because even supplementation can be harmful, when not done in an informed way.

More importantly, because the quality of our food is an often debated and questionable issue, I suggest buying seasonal, local and/ or organic where possible and if you have space to grow a few vegetables yourself, then even better.

Exercise and fresh air also have benefits which can complement hours of work on a computer, in a factory or other potentially debilitating environments. With us rapidly becoming known as the indoor generation, the goal is to get 2.24 hours of time outside each day, preferably moving in some way. It must be made clear, however, that these are not quick-fix solutions, but lifestyle choices and changes which are suggested. For some, a few tweaks may be all that is necessary, or for others, it may be a more intensive and longer-term journey in lifestyle changes to rebalance your health and reach your wellness aspirations.

All this is possible, when you are ready, coupled with a well-rounded,
structured and supported approach, which I offer, through lifestyle prescriptions, meta-health analysis, based on the six root causes of imbalance and Ayurveda wellness education, which examines your constitution as a whole to establish the best-balanced approach for you.

I won’t pull any punches…however, if you need to know, I will share with you suggestions, ideas and choices, which you can decide to follow if you so choose.

Lifestyle changes can also include personal care products like toothpaste and deodorant for example. These are often formulated with dubious chemicals because it makes them cheaper to produce. At least some of these ingredients are written on the labels, so do read them. Here is a basic list of potentially harmful ingredients to avoid.

We all have the freedom to choose and the intelligence to make the right choices.

Our first effort must be to obtain a reliable source of local and/or organically produced food. We then need to avoid the use of everyday products which contain potentially harmful chemicals, and where necessary, supplement the diet with essential vitamins and minerals while we regain our balance and a healthy level of vitality.