About My Work

There are two fundamental concepts underlying the work I do with people. 

  • When core emotional issues at the root of someone’s problems are truly resolved versus just focusing on surface issues, healing occurs more readily. It’s a more thorough and effective approach.
  • Our mind and body, as well as the social environment we live in are all inherently connected.  When the mind is affected by what it experiences in the social arena, so is the body, and vice versa, hence the term mind-body-social connection.  In my work, through my own on-going healing and developmental journey I’ve come to realise the concept that one cannot effectively bring about lasting healing without giving attention to all aspects of the mind, the body and the social lives we live.

My approach helps you find and clear out the specific root causes to your physical, mental, emotional and social dis-ease.  Using a combination of techniques and tools, to suit the specifics of what you bring to our sessions together, you’re given the opportunity to achieve your aspirations for your physical, mental, emotional and social health and wellbeing, much more rapidly than through conventional healing methods alone. 

I fully encourage an integrated approach and welcome the collaboration with GPs, Medical Specialists and the myriad of other powerful forms of healing available to us nowadays, from Massage, Acupuncture and Herbalism to Bowen, Osteopathy, EMDR and Chiropractic just to mention a few. What works for one does not work for all…so it’s my belief that by coming together and working towards and for the needs of the client and patient, for their highest good, rather than being exclusive in our approach, we’ll bring about the best and most successful outcomes for all involved. 

The experience you will receive through working with me can be viewed as mind-body-social wisdom for your health and wellness. I currently incorporate the following disciplines into the work I offer and do with clients, in an integrative way, based on what your needs are and what you aspire to achieve in your health and wellness journey: 

EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques – also known as tapping or, I like to call it first aid for the emotions, comes under the umbrella of energy psychology.  I use EFT (with Matrix Reimprinting) in almost every session.  How much I use it and what particular techniques I use vary based on the client’s needs at any given time.

META-Health® –The first step towards achieving your health and wellness aspirations is clearing out the emotional and energetic dirt muddying your path.  If you’re physically unwell or struggling with a dis-ease, there is almost always an emotional component contributing to your symptoms.   

When we’ve become disconnected from our overall needs in mind and body (and believe me, most of us do become disconnected at some stage, myself included, and often several times throughout life) our physical and emotional self will communicate with us in a way which is much harder to ignore i.e., through pain and illness.  Now our attention has been grabbed, often in painful and debilitating ways, it’s important to uncover the underlying message.  Combined with EFT, a META-Health® analysis makes discovering the message a lot easier.  

Nowadays, the correlation between stress and physical illness is talked about a lot more, due to the advances in research proving the mind-body-social connection. However, many people are still surprised to discover the link between their pain, illness or dis-ease and an emotional conflict, which at the time, was experienced as traumatic for the individual.  

The beauty is, once the memory comes to the level of conscious awareness again, there is often a light-bulb moment when you make the connection between the illness and the emotional trauma experienced earlier in life.

As a functional state of homeostasis is once more regained in the mind and body, we can also explore the wider aspects of what you’d like to include in your health and wellness experience, which may cover more in-depth aspects including diet and nutrition; movement and activity; home, work and social environments; and personal life ambitions you’d like to manifest, to build and support a more rounded and balanced space for you to further enjoy the health and wellness you’d like to experience in your life. 

Working with Me