Matrix Reimprinting

The Matrix Reimprinting approach, which was developed by EFT Founding Master Practitioner Karl Dawson, is based on the quantum physics theory work of Max Planck. Matrix Reimprinting uses EFT as part of its process, building on EFT’s basic foundation for gentler, more profound and effective outcomes.

Subconscious programmes run over 95% of your daily behaviour, activities and habits. Many of these programmes were learned – imprinted – in the first six years of your life,  and are often based on  subjective unfavourable trauma, misconceptions and observations of language and behaviour of those around you.

These programmes, which we all experience in our own unique way as we grow, develop and evolve as humans, are based on the memories we have of these past events…and they often show up unconsciously as current events. Or to be more specific, a button gets pushed, which causes us to feel stress, because at a deep unconscious level, we’re being reminded of the original trauma.

Therefore, with our buttons being pressed over and over again, stress builds up. Our body does its best to adapt at a chemical, hormonal, cellular and DNA level. However, like anything living and breathing, without a regular routine to rest, release and recuperate, the stress significantly eventually contributes to the physical-mental-emotional dis-ease you’re experiencing right now.

What Matrix Reimprinting is now showing us, is that when we truly change what we recall from our past memories, we have the potential to experience an exceptional change to our health and wellness in the here and now.

Some of the benefits of using Matrix Reimprinting with EFT are:

  • It’s easy to use and gentle.
  • Coupled with Ayurveda and a Meta-Health analysis, it quickly finds core issues.
  • It’s effective at locating pre-conscious trauma i.e. pre-six years.
  • It supports a client-driven process or reframing cognitive patterns and shifts.
  • It can be used for pre-birth/in utero trauma.
  • Allows forgiveness and wisdom to be gained.
  • It supports the client to send a positive message to the body, that the trauma is over.
  • Positively resources the client from being held in the past.