Kind Words

“Life is very well, and the challenges I have faced have brought about new growth in my life.
I’m practicing EFT, which is just amazing. Thank you for introducing this wonderful tool to me.
I am coaching now myself, and absolutely loving it. The coaching that I received from you has certainly served me well, and I thank you so very much for your sharp intuition and caring guidance that has helped me to get to the place I am in my life right now, happy, reflective abundant and grateful.
Blessings!!! Aroha Nui.”
~ KR, New Zealand
“Thank you so much for the sessions, they really did produce some new and helpful insights!!”
~ JA, UK
“As a 50-year-old, over the years I had gone from settling for the likelihood my cystic acne would never leave me, to hoping the latest potion might do the trick. I had tried everything to clear my acne…
…With Mary Jane’s understanding, empathy and professional approach, from a Meta-Health perspective I finally understood the fear of being seen, in terms of people seeing my skin, was indeed a reflection of how I felt inside…
…Mary Jane’s laser-like, but ever so gentle questioning of my past and specific beliefs helped shine a light on why my skin was the way it was, long after I should have left acne behind as a teenager.
I now know the root causes of my acne, based on beliefs the world is not a safe place. I believe the beatings I got as a child haunted me on an emotional level and my body tried to keep me safe, by encouraging me to stay unseen, for fear of further attack, judgments etc. If I stayed in the shadows, if I didn’t want people to see my acne, then I would be safer.
However, the problem was I wanted to live a normal life and experience what many others took for granted. I wanted to enjoy being free. Mary Jane helped me understand the connection between my mind and my body and that alone has helped clear my skin.
I would highly recommend Mary Jane, due to her professional approach to topics which might be sensitive and delicate in nature, but which need to be addressed nonetheless. To me, Mary Jane was the missing link between years of suffering, to me finally understanding why my body reacted the way it did and why I had acne.
Mary Jane helped me understand my skin had been looking out for me all along. My mind and body reacted to a perceived threat and did what they could to keep me ‘safe.’
I no longer feel unsafe. My body and mind are finally understanding I am safe and my skin is settling down at last. I know I have Mary Jane to call on should I need help with clearing any lasting effects of being traumatised as a child.
Thank you, Mary Jane, for setting me free and for helping me learn to love and accept myself on a much deeper level.
~ NC, Ireland
“Mary Jane is naturally gifted in helping others see their potential and helping them overcome obstacles. Working with Mary Jane truly helped me align my life with my deepest passions. As a result, I am much more fulfilled in all aspects of my life.”

  It’s been an absolute delight working with Mary Jane. She’s a pleasure to spend time with; interested, sensitive, encouraging and down-to-earth. It’s a gift to be truly listened to and heard.

I feel like Mary Jane has taken on my long-term health problems, and made it her personal crusade to get to the bottom of my symptoms and make my life more comfortable. Her passion for her work is infectious and has given me hope. She also has a clear and deep knowledge of so many different aspects of alternative health and has given me great advice on diet and lifestyle to complement our Meta, EFT & Matrix Reimprinting journey, and even to manage other aspects of my life that have come up during our sessions.

Crucially, Mary Jane understood that as someone naturally a little cynical about approaches to health outside of orthodox medicine, I was out of my comfort zone at times during our sessions together. She treated me with respect at all times and addressed my hesitations frankly and with intelligence, helping me to do things at my own pace and in a way I understood.

A Meta Health journey, using EFT & Matrix Reimprinting is a profoundly personal and sensitive experience, so it’s important to enter into it with someone who will treat your memories with care and kindness. I can’t recommend Mary Jane enough for this.
~ LU, UK