Immune Support Tips & Ideas – Day 8

Tips: 22 – 24

Short and simple today – day 8.
Thanks to A. Vogel’s and their #healthyway publication, with their permission, I share some of these ideas and tips with you, along with knowledge from my own work and practice as a health and wellbeing practitioner, where I focus on finding the root cause of illness, ailments and dis-ease. I am not sponsored or paid by A. Vogel’s.

As always, if you have any symptoms, see your doctor. My one-to-one work with people partners alongside your Doctor’s medical advice, where I work collaboratively to support your wellness goals. What is shared in this mini-series is for information purposes to support immune system health.

If you would like one-to-one support for your health and wellness journey, get in touch, where we can work together to explore the root cause of your imbalances, symptoms, ailments and dis-ease.

In the meantime, below is day 8’s video to help you improve your immune system health and strength. And if you would like to view this entire series on Instagram, where it was first presented, click here.