Meet Mary Jane

The only way is up! Upper Fox Glacier, Westland Tai Poutini National Park, NZ

Hi, I’m Mary Jane – spirited, energetic, animated and loving friend, daughter, sister, niece, aunt to eight, cousin to many and also known as Babe Grylls to some, because of my love of adventure, the outdoors and doing things a bit out of the ordinary.

I’m also passionate about vitality, happiness, health and wellness, which is shaped and supported by some of the approaches I incorporate in my work, including Meta-HealthEFT, Ayurveda and Nutrition.

So welcome to my world, dedicated to empowering you to rebalance your health, wellbeing and lifestyle one small step at a time.

How did I get here?

My on-going knowledge and education spans over a couple of decades now, where personal journeying and experience has led to a large part of my immersion in deeper learning and subsequent certification in specific synergistic disciplines in the personal growth, health and wellness field. Following undergraduate studies, where the great outdoors laid the foundational backdrop for supporting behaviour change (and which I am still a big believer in, to support balanced health), I studied life coaching skills while residing in Scotland. Here, I continued to cut my teeth in the personal development field, supporting groups of young people, while lecturing undergraduates and carrying out post-graduate research into the efficacy of behaviour change in residential outdoor settings.

My own health

My penchant for learning and truth-seeking was further fuelled by my own thirst for knowledge and answers to my own personal mind-body equations, which weren’t being easily resolved by good nutrition, exercise and fun adventures. So I delved deeper into the mind-body-social connection of health and wellness.

Here I was, a woman in her prime and yet still struggling with why I’d have skin issues like eczema, vitiligo and hives; why I’d gain weight when eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly; why my teeth and fingernails weren’t healthy, when I’d taken such good care of them or why my knees were buckling under me, ending in surgery to name just a few symptoms. It couldn’t be just my love for wild and wacky adventures.

Loved ones

Further to this, I was feeling powerless to help loved ones around me, people I have grown up with, losing their lives to sudden cancer diagnoses or debilitated by illness such as heart disease, arthritis, Parkinson’s, CJD or diabetes which didn’t seem to make sense. There had to be more to this. I wasn’t convinced nor satisfied at being told it’s part of growing up or it’s auto-immune, or unfortunate or it’s an allergy which you’ll just have to live with. What?? Why? How can this be? 

Thus, my education so far has built a solid foundation of knowledge and experience encompassing key elements, which support me to offer guidance, enabling you to make lifestyle choices and changes which fulfil your health aspirations and expectations. I’ll support you to take the tiny step or giant leap you’re ready for.

My Leap of Faith, Moeraki Boulders, NZ

Background to where I am today