Trusting Our Symptoms

Probably one of the biggest challenges I originally had before gaining the knowledge I have now, which I often hear from those I work with, is trusting our symptoms and the process our body is naturally going through to help us…the body’s natural healing intelligence.

We’ve been conditioned and programmed into believing something is wrong with us when symptoms show up…that it’s somehow our fault when we are ‘ill’ ‘unwell’ ‘sick’. That we are in some way broken and we need fixing in some way.

The truth is, it has nothing to do with any of that. It’s about biology. Your body is the seat of consciousness. Your body, your biology, your organ tissues are all a reflection of who you are in all your greatness…and your body is also lovingly, intelligently talking to you, giving you messages of where aspects simply require rebalancing, adjusting and realigning, to return you to health once more.

This may include removing blockages with tools like EFT, which no longer support the natural healing process. It may also include adding in aspects such as foods to strengthen you, physical activity to enliven you and also looking at the social environment factors which you engage in e.g. at work, at home, out socially. These will all help to increase vitality in mind, body and spirit when aligned with your true nature.

We already know about auto-regulation and homeostasis in general medicine. However, we’ve perhaps not been clearly shown what that actually looks like in lay terms and how to realistically apply it for ourselves to achieve our health goals.

Our body is striving to achieve this for us naturally though and symptoms are messages relating to where there is an imbalance, which requires our more focused attention. This happens very easily and effortlessly in nature. It’s constantly adapting to maintain balance, even with all the pressure humans put on it. The human body is doing the same. Climate change is a symptom of imbalance on the planet, which many are listening and responding to, to help restore a healthy planet. Symptoms in our body are exactly the same…a call to action, a call to make positive changes.

Therefore, the more we can trust our body, our symptoms and the messages being given to us…as well as understanding what phase in the autonomic nervous system, symptoms are in, coupled with knowing their root causes (see previous posts), which, combined is the natural response from the logic of our biology at its finest…the more we are able to support an easier restoration and rebalancing process within the body system overall.

So I invite and encourage you to begin to see and experience your symptoms from a biological intelligence perspective…and begin the inquiry as to what’s triggered these responses in your body, rather than seeing yourself as broken…because that is simply not true.

Nothing is random. Your body is showing you, telling you, speaking to you. Your biology is incredibly smart…and not just your mechanical biology…there is a direct link between your emotions, thoughts and brain with our social environment. Therefore, notice how beautiful and intelligent your body is and what it’s communicating to you to help restore balance and harmony for you again. What better gift to give yourself in this new year as we ease towards spring and embrace this new decade of 2020 than to listen to what you truly need and be present with yourself.

If you would like to find out more and how the tools I use can help and support you with your health goals, get in touch.

Why Me? Why This? Why Now?

Meta-Health (also known as Meta-Consciousness or Lifestyle Prescriptions), all of which have their foundations in German New Medicine, has similar principles to functional medicine or integrated health.

The difference is, Meta-Health has a foundation which allows everyone to speak the same language and understand what’s going on…what the body is actually doing when symptoms appear.

One of the main challenges we generally find in our modern medical paradigm is that ‘cause unknown’ or ‘incurable’ are common terms used. The ‘WHY?’ of how symptoms appear is not addressed or discussed.

We talk about risk factors, which most of us are well aware of. And scientific development is fantastic with how it’s evolved and discovered all of these aspects. The big question is still the ‘WHY?’ though.

Think about this for a moment…
Go back to the last time some symptoms showed up for you. Maybe it was recently when something suddenly appeared. Did you ask yourself, well why is this happening? Why now? Why me?

The ‘WHY?’ is such an important aspect of the whole picture. What’s causing, what’s triggering, what’s affecting my symptoms? And not just from a physical-mechanical perspective. We know there is a lot of mechanical, biochemical, enviro, toxic risk factors and accident type aspects which play a role…BUT, if we’re honest, truly honest, most of us know there’s more to it. And it’s these connections, these synchronicities which we’re missing in this whole process of understanding what’s really happening when symptoms appear. What has actually happened in our life’s timeline, which has triggered this biological, physiological response in our body?

A Meta-Health analysis is like finding the needle in the haystack…and then understanding the biological process of the healing cycle which takes place naturally in the body. It explores the whole timeline, from the normal waking-sleeping cycle to when we are triggered into a stress response and our body goes into a sympathetic reaction while the stress trigger is still present, right to the subsequent restorative or parasympathetic phase, where we often see and experience a lot of physical symptoms, such as pain and inflammation.

I will be expanding upon this more in coming posts. If you would like to find out more now, about how a meta-health analysis can support you to get to the root cause of your symptoms, perhaps after having been told you will have to live with your symptoms for the rest of your like (like I was in my 20s), then get in touch now.

A New Health Paradigm

It’s time for change – it’s time for the new biology to be talked about. So let’s start the conversation.

Your health is all about your perspective…your personal view of the world and how your biology responds to what you experience.

Most of the time, we’re busy managing our symptoms (acute or chronic) – dealing with the pain, the thoughts, the emotions, the rash, the inflammation, the growth, the fill in the blank.

Even though symptoms may be reoccurring over and over, we still tend to just spend time managing them each time they arise, often never questioning the health professional, such as our GP, about what could be causing things. We just do the same thing, over and over again.

What if we looked further and explored the root cause of these symptoms? What if we started to ask questions about why our body is presenting these symptoms? What if we explored why our biology is behaving the way it is, be it acute or chronic?

What could this uncover and help us understand so that we could approach our health and wellbeing in a more empowering and sustained way?

This is the essence of Meta-Health, Meta-Consciousness. It’s about the art and science of root cause analysis of physical and mental symptoms and understanding what’s triggered the body to respond the way it is, for each individual person. It comes from New German Medicine, researched and developed by Dr Hamer.

This is the new paradigm of health and wellness which people like Bruce Lipton, Gabor Maté, Kelly Brogan, Sayer Ji and Bessel van der Kolk are talking about. It’s what I’ve been talking about for years now too. It’s the new biology and it’s what I knew was out there from my late teens when I was told I had an autoimmune disorder. What utter rubbish and the medical answer for ‘we actually don’t know what’s causing this, so we’ll label it autoimmune‘.

The fact is, the body doesn’t attack itself…rather, it’s a biological defence response, because the body is doing its best to help us stay safe and survive in what it perceives to be a threat to our survival. And this is what I’ll be sharing more of…so watch this space.