Immune Support Tips & Ideas – Day 1

Tips 1 – 3

In their Healthy Way publication, A. Vogel’s shared tips for supporting immune health recently.

With their permission, (I’m not sponsored or paid) I’m sharing them here in short videos for the next 10 days, to remind us all how we can help ourselves with keeping a healthy immune system.

I’ll also include simple ideas and suggestions which are proven to successfully help support a healthy balance, which I use in my work every day.

Today, I include The Breathing App and Insight Timer which are great free resources to incorporate into your daily routine for your health and wellbeing and a stronger immune system.

I’m new to videos…so excuse the captions on my face in this first one 😆 🙄🤭
Hopefully, you’ll appreciate the intent and can giggle at my faux pas. I promise I do improve…You’ll hopefully get the general message though, which is the main thing.

NB: this video series was originally formatted for Instagram and in my limited video editing knowledge, they haven’t transferred to YouTube well. So if you’re an Instagram user and you’d prefer to view the original post via your smartphone, you can see it here.