Immune Support Tips & Ideas – Day 2

Tips 4 – 6

With permission from A. Vogel’s I’m sharing three more tips today, to help you with building up and strengthening your immune system health.

Taken from their Healthy Way publication and produced for free by Vogel’s, these tips are here to help you make simple changes, which can be easily incorporated into your schedule and routine.

Today’s video (thankfully without subtitles over my face…#imnewtothis #imlearning) references Seedlip Drinks as a non-alcoholic alternative, for reducing or eliminating alcohol consumption.

Remember, these are tips and ideas. If you have new symptoms or don’t feel well, see your GP.

NB: this video series was originally formatted for Instagram and in my limited video editing knowledge, they haven’t transferred to YouTube well. So if you’re an Instagram user and you’d prefer to view the original post via your smartphone, you can see it here.