Matrix Birth Reimprinting


Do you still find yourself feeling disconnected, low, depressed, separate or detached despite engaging in lots of self-development work?

Or perhaps you’ve worked with a number of practitioners in various disciplines, looking at your conscious memories, but you still don’t seem to make a whole lot of progress…

Did you know, many of these feelings can relate back to a difficult birth experience, be it your birth as a baby, or your birthing experience as a Mother.

With Matrix Birth Reimprinting you can go back to the womb and reimprint your birth experience, which offers you the potential to change your energy levels, mood, and wellbeing in the present.

Our birth experiences and the stories created as a consequence impact our lives in the present moment. Our conception, our time in the womb, our actual birth and the first six years of our life are critical moments in our individual evolution and development and are like no other six to seven years of our life.

By looking at our experiences and how our beliefs are formed during this fundamental and transformative time in our life, we can repattern neural pathways and as a result, change how you experience life in the present moment.

The science behind the importance of natural birth, mother-child bonding and the whole conception and pregnancy experience for Mother, child and the Father are now proving the importance of this foundational period in our lives. Experiences such as adoption, loss of a child, infertility, difficult pregnancy and traumatic childbirth form memories, which can and often do shape how we respond to the world around us in very challenging and debilitating ways. With the gentle techniques of Matrix Birth Reimprinting, using EFT, these memories and experiences can be explored and reimprinted, offering you the opportunity to create a life, which inspires, delights and excites you, aligned with your health and wellness aspirations.

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