Why? How?

As explained in the last post, we do understand there’s more to our symptoms than just a physical-mental manifestation. We know there are other connections associated with the symptoms.

But how does this work? How does it all fit together? How did each of us come to our symptoms and the experience we’re having in our body and mind?

The two big questions to ask with this are…Why is this happening this way? And…How has it manifested like this? What has been going on in your history to create this biological response in your body?

Why are some symptoms chronic? They appear and disappear, sometimes coming back and seeming to get worse over time? What is that underlying biological process which is happening? Why is that cycle happening over and over again? Why is it happening in this system in my body?

E.G. man, aged 42, lower back pain on right side, chronic every four weeks for last three years. No accident or physical blow to the area. Eats well and lives healthily. He does some pilates and physio, which gives some relief, but nothing is resolving it totally.

In a meta-analysis, we look at all aspects of what’s going on in a person’s life (the meta/ big picture view) i.e. organ tissue (conflict theme); stress triggers (trauma); emotions (unresolved energy); beliefs (limiting thoughts); social (relationships, environment); lifestyle (vitality, diet, fitness).

So for this lower back pain case, the organ tissue is bones; the stress is a fight with their partner; emotion is anger; belief is I am not strong enough to deal with this situation; socially his perception is there’s too much pressure in the personal relationship; lifestyle is lack of exercise and inflammatory foods.

We then create a plan for his healing journey, including dietary changes and an exercise plan with a local physical trainer; plus using tools like EFT and Matrix Reimprinting to help release emotions and beliefs which aren’t serving him.

Within less than two weeks, symptoms have gone and never return, because we got to the root cause of the symptoms across all areas of the individual’s life, according to their perceptions of what’s happened to them.

If you would like to know more, do get in touch, where I would be happy to discuss your needs and see how what I offer can help and support you and your journey.

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