You are more than just a physical being

To continue the conversation on from yesterday’s post…if we look at ourselves as just physical beings, it’s rather finite e.g. our genes determine our destiny…our body is what it is and isn’t able to recover or reverse what’s happening to it with acute or chronic symptoms.

However, when we turn this on its head and look at ourselves for everything which we truly are at that quantum level…we are energy which is changing all the time.

When we recognise this aspect of who we actually are and realise we can influence this energy moving through us in any way we wish, we’re more empowered and able to shift and change the way we look at our body and the symptoms it’s presenting.

We are information and energy being passed through neuro-pathways in our organs, tissues & cells…
It’s all communicating together and offering us bio-feedback with that ache, pain, lump, bump or rash, to name but a few symptoms which show up.

At any given time, our body is working really hard to keep us safe and to survive, according to its perception of the world it’s in. The body is constantly adjusting to everything we throw at it each day with our thoughts, emotions, stresses at work/home/socially, with diet and movement, plus environmental toxins and pollutants as well, which includes all the personal care and household products you use. We are the masters of our own health and wellbeing…it is truly in our hands if we choose it.

As referenced in the mind-body-social post…every part of us is interconnected. Our body is talking to us…
The question is, how well are we listening?
…because every symptom will have a very bio-logical root cause. It’s basically the logic of your biology.

Everything which shows up in your body, every symptom and its related diagnosis (if you get your doctor’s medical opinion, which I highly recommend) does not happen by chance, bad luck or by what is often labelled as genetic. In fact, genetics account for less than 5% of any symptoms and dis-ease which occurs in the body – yes, you read that right.

Over 95% of all symptoms and their related illness labels are nothing to do with genes per se. This has been proven time and time again now, with particular kudos to Bruce Lipton, a cell biologist, who’s proven this scientific fact over and over again in his scientific research.

In future posts, we’ll explore even more closely what does happen and why, to help us all understand that we are in fact the masters of our health and its destiny…and we do in fact have the power to change outcomes, when we understand exactly what is happening in our body and why.


The Mind-Body-Social Connection

Let’s look at the first aspect mentioned yesterday. The WHY. The mind-body-social connection. We know it exists. Its relevance and importance in understanding our overall health and wellness is still a bit vague, however. We know the mind impacts the body and vice-versa. Is there more to it though?

In meta-health, what we’ve found through empirical research and science is there’s a very specific connection between the organ, the mind and our social environment, with the brain.

It’s important to emphasise the social aspect because we’re embedded in it and can’t be separated from our social environment, be it at home, at work or out socially.

Another way to look at this is from a quantum neurobiology perspective.

      • Quantum – our thoughts, beliefs, values, emotions, feelings.
      • Neuro – the networks, connecting everything in our body & mind, right down to our cell receptors.
      • Biology – the physical body: cells, tissues, organs etc.

We are energetic beings. Everything is energy…Einstein taught us this. When we look at it this way, it’s more supportive and empowering, because energy is changing and evolving all the time…therefore, we can change and evolve with this energy too. On the other hand, just looking at our health from the finite physical-only perspective e.g. it is what it is and I can’t recover…this isn’t empowering, encouraging or inspiring at all.

Knowing our whole being is interconnected and can be shifted and changed for the better is a far more positive perspective and gives us all a new and optimistic paradigm to work with and focus on for our health and wellbeing.

In my next few posts, we’ll be looking at and exploring this in more detail. To find out more for your own symptoms or diagnosis now though, do get in touch to discuss how I may be able to help you.

My body can auto-regulate…? Really?

As mentioned in previous posts, meta-health (which comes from German New Medicine) is about the body’s ability & intelligence to self-regulate and go through the automated stress-restoration healing process, which we see in nature in general.

Up until very recently, we haven’t fully understood this part of the human body-mind connection and just how intelligent it truly is in auto-regulating itself to homeostasis after a stress trigger, for this science to be used in mainstream medicine.

Right now, there are two main models used in healthcare…the pathology model and the salutogenic model. Neither one is in question…they’re both valid and have their place. It’s fair to say, however, that a self-healing model is very much needed because its focus is on prevention and solutions for this, rather than waiting for symptoms to appear before we manage & treat them.

If we create and use a foundation of knowledge and understanding of the mind-body processes and use this integrative model of health and healing to educate ourselves, we’re then in a more empowered place to prevent symptoms from manifesting in debilitating ways in the first place.

Meta-Health does just this. Yes, it also finds the root cause of symptoms which already exist and we then create a specific personal healing plan. We’re all about preventative education and care too (yes, I do talks – contact me if you’re interested).

We look at the six key areas which potentially trigger a stress response.

The WHY is this happening…? What organ is affected? What stress is going on? What emotions are involved? What beliefs are underlying things? What’s going on socially? What lifestyle is being led?

We explore the HOW. How each organ tissue goes through specific major points & phases of self-regulating.

And the WHAT. The crux of it all. Understanding and building trust in our body’s healing intelligence and natural auto-regulation process and what it’s actually doing for each organ tissue to heal.

I’ll explain more in my next post. If you’d like to know how I can support you with your personal circumstances, get in touch now.

Why? How?

As explained in the last post, we do understand there’s more to our symptoms than just a physical-mental manifestation. We know there are other connections associated with the symptoms.

But how does this work? How does it all fit together? How did each of us come to our symptoms and the experience we’re having in our body and mind?

The two big questions to ask with this are…Why is this happening this way? And…How has it manifested like this? What has been going on in your history to create this biological response in your body?

Why are some symptoms chronic? They appear and disappear, sometimes coming back and seeming to get worse over time? What is that underlying biological process which is happening? Why is that cycle happening over and over again? Why is it happening in this system in my body?

E.G. man, aged 42, lower back pain on right side, chronic every four weeks for last three years. No accident or physical blow to the area. Eats well and lives healthily. He does some pilates and physio, which gives some relief, but nothing is resolving it totally.

In a meta-analysis, we look at all aspects of what’s going on in a person’s life (the meta/ big picture view) i.e. organ tissue (conflict theme); stress triggers (trauma); emotions (unresolved energy); beliefs (limiting thoughts); social (relationships, environment); lifestyle (vitality, diet, fitness).

So for this lower back pain case, the organ tissue is bones; the stress is a fight with their partner; emotion is anger; belief is I am not strong enough to deal with this situation; socially his perception is there’s too much pressure in the personal relationship; lifestyle is lack of exercise and inflammatory foods.

We then create a plan for his healing journey, including dietary changes and an exercise plan with a local physical trainer; plus using tools like EFT and Matrix Reimprinting to help release emotions and beliefs which aren’t serving him.

Within less than two weeks, symptoms have gone and never return, because we got to the root cause of the symptoms across all areas of the individual’s life, according to their perceptions of what’s happened to them.

If you would like to know more, do get in touch, where I would be happy to discuss your needs and see how what I offer can help and support you and your journey.

If you would like to know more about EFT practitioner training click here. Or if you would like to complete the Meta Health Foundation Workshop, click here.

Why Me? Why This? Why Now?

Meta-Health (also known as Meta-Consciousness or Lifestyle Prescriptions), all of which have their foundations in German New Medicine, has similar principles to functional medicine or integrated health.

The difference is, Meta-Health has a foundation which allows everyone to speak the same language and understand what’s going on…what the body is actually doing when symptoms appear.

One of the main challenges we generally find in our modern medical paradigm is that ‘cause unknown’ or ‘incurable’ are common terms used. The ‘WHY?’ of how symptoms appear is not addressed or discussed.

We talk about risk factors, which most of us are well aware of. And scientific development is fantastic with how it’s evolved and discovered all of these aspects. The big question is still the ‘WHY?’ though.

Think about this for a moment…
Go back to the last time some symptoms showed up for you. Maybe it was recently when something suddenly appeared. Did you ask yourself, well why is this happening? Why now? Why me?

The ‘WHY?’ is such an important aspect of the whole picture. What’s causing, what’s triggering, what’s affecting my symptoms? And not just from a physical-mechanical perspective. We know there is a lot of mechanical, biochemical, enviro, toxic risk factors and accident type aspects which play a role…BUT, if we’re honest, truly honest, most of us know there’s more to it. And it’s these connections, these synchronicities which we’re missing in this whole process of understanding what’s really happening when symptoms appear. What has actually happened in our life’s timeline, which has triggered this biological, physiological response in our body?

A Meta-Health analysis is like finding the needle in the haystack…and then understanding the biological process of the healing cycle which takes place naturally in the body. It explores the whole timeline, from the normal waking-sleeping cycle to when we are triggered into a stress response and our body goes into a sympathetic reaction while the stress trigger is still present, right to the subsequent restorative or parasympathetic phase, where we often see and experience a lot of physical symptoms, such as pain and inflammation.

I will be expanding upon this more in coming posts. If you would like to find out more now, about how a meta-health analysis can support you to get to the root cause of your symptoms, perhaps after having been told you will have to live with your symptoms for the rest of your like (like I was in my 20s), then get in touch now.

A New Health Paradigm

It’s time for change – it’s time for the new biology to be talked about. So let’s start the conversation.

Your health is all about your perspective…your personal view of the world and how your biology responds to what you experience.

Most of the time, we’re busy managing our symptoms (acute or chronic) – dealing with the pain, the thoughts, the emotions, the rash, the inflammation, the growth, the fill in the blank.

Even though symptoms may be reoccurring over and over, we still tend to just spend time managing them each time they arise, often never questioning the health professional, such as our GP, about what could be causing things. We just do the same thing, over and over again.

What if we looked further and explored the root cause of these symptoms? What if we started to ask questions about why our body is presenting these symptoms? What if we explored why our biology is behaving the way it is, be it acute or chronic?

What could this uncover and help us understand so that we could approach our health and wellbeing in a more empowering and sustained way?

This is the essence of Meta-Health, Meta-Consciousness. It’s about the art and science of root cause analysis of physical and mental symptoms and understanding what’s triggered the body to respond the way it is, for each individual person. It comes from New German Medicine, researched and developed by Dr Hamer.

This is the new paradigm of health and wellness which people like Bruce Lipton, Gabor Maté, Kelly Brogan, Sayer Ji and Bessel van der Kolk are talking about. It’s what I’ve been talking about for years now too. It’s the new biology and it’s what I knew was out there from my late teens when I was told I had an autoimmune disorder. What utter rubbish and the medical answer for ‘we actually don’t know what’s causing this, so we’ll label it autoimmune‘.

The fact is, the body doesn’t attack itself…rather, it’s a biological defence response, because the body is doing its best to help us stay safe and survive in what it perceives to be a threat to our survival. And this is what I’ll be sharing more of…so watch this space.